Speech at the Transgenialer CSD 2010

(Deutsche Übersetzung)

The majority of western societies recognise no more than two sexes. People are assigned at birth either a male or female sex. Some infants receive operations to order their bodies within the two-sex system. If someone wants to live in a different sex to the one assigned to them and receive medical or psychological support, then they must convince the supposed „experts“ that they suffer from a so-called „Gender Identity Disorder“. „Gender Identity Disorders“ have been listed as psychological illnesses in the World Health Organisation’s catalogue of diseases since the 1980’s. Transgender people have been through this classification pathologised and psychiatrised. In order to change the one’s civil status, that is, to change the sex in the births register and on the birth certificate, the Transsexual Act states that the applicant must be sterilised.

Transgender people in Germany are hindered in the access to resources such as medical care, housing, work, school, marriage and civil unions. Things that cis people, that is, people who are not transgender, take for granted are denied to transgender people. For example cis people receive necessary hormone therapy without problem, however transgender people require a psychiatric diagnosis. Young transgender people in Germany are not only pathologised by Doctors, but also face discrimination through physical and psychological violence in school and from their families. In prison, societal oppressions such as transphobia and sexism become extreme. There is no chance to avoid being assigned as either male or female, even after the transgender inmate has changed their name. Within the walls there is a strict two-sex classification. Additionally to the violence that all prisoners face, transgender prisoners frequently face physical violence – often in a sexualised form.

According to Transgender Europe there were 121 registered murders of transgender people in 2008. From January to June 2009 there were another 83 murders registered. The actual amount of murders of transgender people is many times higher, since the many of the murders were not reported on or their transphobic nature was not noted. In 2008 there was also a murder of a transgender woman in Germany. On the 24th of June, 31 year old Silvana Berisha was stabbed to death in her own home.

The marginalisation of transgender people is even stronger when different oppressions work together. Factors such as age or not belonging to the white german able-bodied middle class norm increases the discrimination and violence transgender people face. Transgender people without a german pass, with a precarious residency status, illegalised or without german as a first language, have limited access to information and medical resources. In german refugee camps and deportation prisons live transgender people in sex separated rooms and social isolation.

A current example of the intersection of different forms of oppression and violence can be found on Schöneberg’s Frobenstraße. This street has for a long time been a place for transgender sex workers. Many of the women that work there experience daily multiple discrimination: as transgender, as women, as sex workers, as migrants and as Women of Colour. As well as facing verbal abuse, the women faced repeated attacks with baseball bats and iron bars. On the evening of the 5th of August 2009 a transgender woman was hospitalised for several weeks after she was attacked with a knife. On the 4th of September 2009 there was finally a rally on the Frobenstraße with the title, „Stop the violence against sex workers on Frobenstraße“. The violent attacks continue.

Smash Transphobia! Smash racism!

For the immediate abolition of the heteronormative two-sex system!

Away with the oppression through sex assignment and all other forms of oppression!

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