The Long Way Home – experiences of a transgender woman and arrest

(Deutsche Übersetzung)

I was arrested early 2010 in Berlin, as I was walking home from a party with friends. I‘ll skip the details as the case is still before the court, but some background info might help to position this story a bit better – I am a white young(ish) transgender woman with a west european passport.

I was attacked by several cops and handcuffed, then thrown into the back of a police truck. Immediately I was asked if I was a male or a female. I replied that I was a woman and a female cop proceeded to go through my pockets. I was sitting with my hands handcuffed behind my back, so they really couldn‘t search me beyond my front pockets and my belt-bag.

They removed my passport from my bag and they all were amazed to see the big fat M right next to Sex. Everyone stared at me. I was questioned again by two female cops if I was a woman. Of course, I answered, but what was in my pants? The sex on my passport seemed pretty unimportant to them, everything revolved around whether I had a ‚penis‘ or a ‚vagina‘. It didn‘t matter if I was a woman psychologically, but if I was „reconstructed“ (‚umgebaut‘, like a house or car). I refused to answer their stupid questions and after a short time of arguing, two female cops gave up and searched me. Shortest search ever.

The reactions of the cops in the police truck were pretty different, one couldn‘t stop giving me the STARE OF DEATH, some referred to me the whole time as „it“ and a couple actually told me it was fine by them that I am transgender (well they wanted to search me after all..).

After waiting forever in the police truck I was taken with the other arrested person to the GeSa, where they process and hold prisoners. I was arrested with another person, but we were kept separate. There it was more or less the same process, I was thrown into a cell and two female cops asked me if I had a ‚penis‘, a ‚vagina‘ or ‚both‘(!). By then I was pretty sick of this question and I still refused to answer. I just told them I was a woman.

After about 10 minutes of arguing about how uptight I was sexually („it is not the 19th century!“, I was told, as if the police station was a nudist colony), they told me that if I would not tell them, then they would have to pull down my pants and show them. I told them that if two females did that and I had a ‚penis‘, well then they would get in trouble.. and vice versa.. so instead they just looked at my pants for a few seconds and then just searched me. Second shortest search ever.

After they gave up with the search, they demanded that I give blood, because I had resisted the police so much, they thought that I must be drunk. Of course I also refused this and in the end they got an order from a judge.

After my arrest, I learnt that in Berlin it is possible to choose whether to be searched by either male or female cops. You need to sign a statement saying that this is your choice (sign nothing else!) and there needs to be another cop there to witness this. They should be trained on this, but don‘t be surprised if they slept through the ‚diversity‘ section of their training.

And like always: sign (almost) nothing, say nothing, don‘t agree to them taking your blood or DNA!

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